FACE MASK DIY MADE From old Clothing by hand

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DIY FACE MASK MADE From old Clothing

DIY FACE MASK MADE From old Clothing by hand in 2 ways. As we’re fighting the Coronavirus, a lot of doctors and nurses are working really hard right now. To keep the medical masks for them, please use a washable or reusable face mask as you can. That’s the reason why I’m making this video to share with you 2 ways to make a face mask from your old clothes.
I made it by hand. So you can do it too without a sewing machine.
The technique I use can also apply to different ages (Adult and children). So I hope you could do it for yourself and for your loved one.

How to Make a FACE MASK at HOME

DIY FACE MASK from old clothes in 2 ways
DIY FACE MASK from old clothing by hand in 2 ways

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