How many ANTS are there on Earth and how much do they weigh?

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Imagine a civilization that outnumbers humanity by six orders of magnitude. By one and a half million times. And it’s not some bacteria. These creatures have created a fully functional social order. They have a clear hierarchy, professions, and career ladders. They are long past the hunting and gathering stage and have successfully transitioned to agriculture and animal husbandry. They teach the youth, take care of the elderly and the disabled, and bury their dead. They can even reproduce by cloning. They have easily outlived every single species that prevailed on their planet in the last hundred million years. But at the same time, a simple infection can turn them into real zombies. Does it seem like some post-apocalyptic science fiction to you? And yet, it’s not. It’s all about ants. In this video, you’ll find out how many ants there are on Earth, how much they weigh, when they emerged, how they live, how they practice agriculture, why their society resembles human civilization, and much more that will surprise and even shock you! Ants.

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