Sleeping On The Side Of The Highway

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Sleeping On The Side Of The Highway

Living full-time in my rolling tiny home has been the best decision of my life. Off-Grid living offers a feeling of peace and connection to life that you just can’t explain. When I first started van life I build a stealth camper van with the mindset you had to live a stealth van life and I soon discovered that you can just live the city van life and boondock in the countryside and as long as you are respectful of the backcountry and cities you live in. Stealth van life is not necessary. Be proud of the life you choose to live, Share this van life journey with everyone. Remember Tiny Homes and The whole tiny house lifestyle is very popular and #vanlife is no different. When you don’t hide it people will come to say hi and ask you questions. The world is more curious than hateful. Well……Welcome to my everyday van life adventures. My name is Chrome Valdez and I travel full-time with Cruz the bulldog. Stay weird everyone and thank you for being here.


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