Asia’s Most Expensive Ingredient!! More than GOLD

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Asia’s Most Expensive Ingredient!! More than GOLD

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BIRD NEST INDUSTRY 1. LƯƠN XÀO XỨ NGHỆ ADDRESS: 67 Tran Quang Khai street, Buon Ma Thuot City
🇻🇳 STIR-FRIED EELS WITH GLASS NOODLES: Boil and stir-fry eel meat with fried onions and mini onions. Stir-fry glass noodles and spring prouse with soy sauce, family sauce, cooking oil, and MSG. Place in a dish and then add the eels on top. Garnish with scallion and serve.
💸 PRICE: 15.000VND / $0.65 USD – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 2.
🐤 BIRD NEST YOGURT: Soak the bird’s nest in water for 30 minutes. Tear into small pieces and place pieces in a mini pot with pandan water. Use the bain-marie method to steam them for 30 minutes. Grill all the fruit to enhance the sweet taste and then place the fruits in a bowl. Add ASEAN palmyra palm seed and shredded coconut in the bowl. Pour bird nest and yogurt in the bowl. 🐦 GRILLED OYSTER WITH BIRD NEST: Dipping sauce: Smash chillies, garlic and sugar together in a mortar. Add fish sauce and stir. Cook it for 1 minute with cooking oil. || Cut mango paper into small pieces. Grill the oysters. Add bird nest, mango strings, shredded coconut, dipping sauce, and vinegar sweet water into the oysters. Grill for 5 minutes and then serve. 🐤 BIRD NEST WITH ROCK SUGAR: Use a bain marie method to steam them for 30 mins and add rock sugar in it. Serve when it’s cooked through. #BestEverAsiaBikeTrip #BestEverFoodReviewShow #BEFRS

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