Battle Weeds, Leaves, and Shrubbery with Tech

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Battle Weeds, Leaves, and Shrubbery with Tech
Battle Weeds, Leaves, and Shrubbery with Tech

Battle Weeds, Leaves, and Shrubbery with Tech

The same type of technology used in some of the United States Navy’s most powerful ships also powers handheld lawn equipment.

A lineup of string trimmers, leaf blowers and hedge trimmers from Cub Cadet use innovative technology to power the units called CORE (Conductor-Optimized Rotary Energy). The sophisticated motor technology generates power equal to gas engines and maximizes pound-for-pound power efficiency, compared to its 25 cubic centimeter gas-powered engines.

The technology also features a unique Power-Lok system. This standalone drive unit offers lightweight, high-performance string trimmer, blower and hedge trimmer attachments. It saves storage space and money with one tool that does the job of three different units.

Printed circuit board technology and magnetic rotors generate concentrated, efficient power and torque that is on par with gas-powered units so the toughest outdoor challenges can be tackled without the fill-ups, fumes or pull-starts of gas engines.

By delivering high-torque performance with no dependence on battery voltage, CORE technology leverages a revolutionary motor design and a responsive load-sensing controller to deliver power and performance where and when it is needed. It also features zero gasoline emissions and much less noise than gas-powered equipment.

Because the motor consists of lighter weight materials and does not require a gas tank, it is lighter for users to operate.

With longer runtimes than other gasless tools, the technology offers all the power needed for various outdoor projects with nearly 45 minutes of power on one charge. The typical recharge time is 1 hour.

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Projects falling for outdoor living in Fall

Originally posted on April 29, 2019 @ 4:22 pm

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