September 19, 2020
Gary, Indiana: A Tale of Two Cities (2018)

Gary, Indiana: A Tale of Two Cities (2018)

Creator: Dr. Sandra L. Barnes (Professor: Vanderbilt University-Peabody College) Narrator: Avery Brooks Film team: Cinematicfocus Created: 2018 (Enhanced Version) Poverty, crime, and urban blight are words often used to describe Gary, Indiana. But do these words accurately reflect the present city or its promise? Do they capture the legacy and the lives of its residents? Does a focus on the city’s trials overshadow its triumphs?
This 60 minute documentary candidly depicts the two faces of Gary, Indiana – the current problems facing this once thriving rust-belt metropolis as well as the progress and possibilities evident among its people, churches, and communities. The film also shows some of the tensions Gary faces as it reconciles its past, transforms its present, and charts its future.
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