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Most Dangerous Ways To School | NEPAL | Free Documentary
Most Dangerous Ways To School NEPAL Documentary

Most Dangerous Ways To School NEPAL Documentary

Most Dangerous Ways To School. Those who attend school in the mountain village of Kumpur, walk across the mountains of the highest situated country on earth. Nearly half of Nepal’s lies more than 4 000 Meters above sea level. Today it’s normal that the kids go to school in the valley, but just 50 years ago the village was completely self-sufficient. Only if there was a lack of salt would someone twice a year hard off to refill the stock. Today the children go to the city almost on a daily basis and are immediately forced to cross the dangerous river. A village in distress is left behind. The village community Kumpur is spread across 18 farms on the Dhap Mountain. Their families live in a very remote area.

These families have lived on their land now for thousands of years herding their life-sustaining cattle without electricity, running water, or contact to the outside world. Although they constantly ask themselves if the promise of education justifies the danger of the path involved, they send their children day after day to school.

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