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The monotony of the same room may be killing your mood. Make your room look airy, brighter and colourful in more than one ways with smart living hacks. Go from grayscale to gradient.


Are you bored with your room, and do you feel it looks the same all the time? You are not planning to redo the entire place but do only something to your home to bring brightness and positive vibes. Here are a few easy ideas which you can do right away to bring in a nice punch of color.

  1. Flowers add life in a way that nothing else can.

Did you know fresh flowers are the easiest way to add a burst of color to your living room decor? You can add them to any room, and you’ll notice an immediate difference. And it is something you can keep changing or if left empty also looks good. Flowers are also an excellent way to experiment with color to understand which ones will look suitable for your decor.

2.Fabric that says it all

Did you know you can go for customized upholstery for the sofa set, which you can choose from a wide range of Durian furniture? Add more fabric to your living room decor or bedroom decor with multicolor throws or rugs around your place. You can also plan to add the Pantone of the color of the year to your decor with classic blue cushions etc. It is easy and gives a different look to your place.

3. Add a masterpiece to your room

While people believe that art is usually expensive. But it doesn’t always have to; that way you can easily add prints of great artwork or photographs in a beautiful frame to add a personal touch to your living room decor. They can add a different personality to your home and bring in a burst of color. 

4. Add functional furniture

Urban houses these days need compact furniture which is easy to store and gives a new look to your place. Something like an armchair with ottoman or nested side tables can bring a contemporary look to your place. Durian Furniture has a different style of lounge chair furniture from vintage to modern designer ones.

5. Playful lamps

Lighting plays an essential role in a house. It can set your mood or change the vibes as well. Choosing ambient lights that also offers a dose of color is a great way to improve the overall look of the room. Bedside tables are the best place to add lamps which will bring warmness to your place.

We all require a little bit of color in our lives. Color sets the vibe and the mood of the home – some colors are lively and dynamic while others are much more calming and unwinding by nature. Whether you need a pop or burst here and there, or you want to pack a graphic punch, belowPsychology Articles, you’ll find some artistic and unexpected ways to add a little more color to your life! To buy furniture that will give your home a personality is available at


Nittisha Mahapatra is a Content writer with a work experience of over 3 years as a technologist and 3 years of experience as a rigorous writer. She has been blogging and writing about social media and the latest trends in India for more ethan 5 years which helped her to articulate her knowledge into this article.



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