To Dad, With Love

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To Dad, With Love. Gift ideas for a fantastic Father’s Day

Dads can be notorious as the hardest family members to shop for but come to Father’s Day, there’s little doubt you’ll need a gift that shows dad just how much he means.

Truth be told, your company is probably all dad really needs, but you can help deliver a little something he wants with these diverse ideas for all different kinds of dads. Remember, the secret to a great gift is giving something that shows you know and cares about his personal interests.

To Dad, With Love
To Dad, With Love

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A Sizzling Gift

Gift dad everything he needs to throw an impressive cookout any time he wants with the Father’s Day Gift Package from Omaha Steaks. He’ll be set for summer barbecues with steaks and more on-hand, including two tender filet mignons; two rich and indulgent ribeyes; four robust, juicy burgers, and more. The package also includes German Chocolate Cake for a sweet way to end a backyard meal. Find more information and gift packages for dad at

Keep Him Connected

For the dad who’s always tuned in, there’s a way to provide him with entertainment and connectivity while protecting his hearing all at once. Whether he’s using a power saw or mowing the day away, dad can stream his favorite music with the 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector with Bluetooth wireless technology to make his day both enjoyable and comfortable. With built-in features like high-fidelity audio, comfortable ear cushions, and a low-pressure headband, he can even make and take phone calls without missing a beat. Find more information at Content courtesy of 3M.

Subscribe to Style

Keep dad in style with all the latest looks with a clothing subscription. You can choose from services that coordinate complete outfits, options for accessories only, or providers that select a handful of garments for each shipment. It’s a simple solution for a dad who takes pride in his appearance but never has time to shop or dislikes the shopping experience itself. Pricing varies quite a bit; in some cases, dad will need to pay a styling fee while he’ll pay only for the items he keeps with other services.

A Cut Above

Practical tools can be the perfect gift, and a pocket knife is such a useful choice that it’s hard to go wrong. For a more sentimental approach, consider a knife with a laser-cut personal message, or go ultra-functional with a multi-tool design. Keep in mind that lesser quality blades may require more frequent sharpening, but they’ll generally do the job just as well as pricier models. Also, be conscious of the weight and features like safety catches that may affect comfort and usability.

Game for Golf

An avid golfer never tires of golfing gear, so it’s usually a safe bet for gifting. If you’re knowledgeable enough about his preferences, you can always add a new club to his collection. However, a golfer can appreciate plenty of other useful gifts, from a sleeve of quality balls to a book about a legendary player. A new set of gloves can improve his grip (and his game) while a new hat or shirt can give him something he can sport on the course.

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Omaha Steaks

Caramel Cheesecake

Caramel Cheesecake

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