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Chain Burger Restaurants Ranked From Worst To Best
Chain Burger Restaurants Ranked From Worst To Best
Chain Burger Restaurants Ranked From Worst To Best
Chain Burger Restaurants Ranked From Worst To Best

Chain Burger Restaurants Ranked From Worst To Best. While hamburgers might have been invented in Germany, America has mastered the burger. Along with a bevy of spectacular burgers from coast to coast, there are burger-shaped debacles you’d be wise to dodge. Here’s our ranking of chain burger restaurants in order, starting with the absolute worst. A trip to Sonic Drive-In is not a waste of time. They have many yummy items on their menu, from their iconic Cherry Limeade to their fantastic hot dogs. Other great choices include their onion rings and their spicy yet delectable Ched ‘R’ Peppers. However, if you’re headed to Sonic for a burger, you will have a bad time. Sonic’s burgers are so bland and so forgettable that you will be completely underwhelmed. By the final bite of your burger, you will be angry that you spent your hard-earned dough on something that wasn’t any tastier than the mass-produced burger found at the closest elementary school. If you’re visiting Sonic, stick to their famous slushes, their scrumptious ice cream, or simple snack food like the aforementioned hot dogs and onion rings. If you’re serious about acquiring a top-of-the-line burger, Sonic is clearly not the place to go. If you visited Fuddruckers as a child, you likely have extremely fond memories. Remember submerging your burger with so much liquid cheese from their cheese pump that your mom got embarrassed? Remember all the games, all the televisions, and the comfortable atmosphere that so enthralled you when you were young? Yeah, those were some fun times. Keep watching the video to see all the chain burger restaurants ranked from worst to best. #BurgerChains #FastFood #FastFoodRanked

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Sonic Drive-In | 0:00

Fuddruckers | 1:07

Dairy Queen | 1:54

White Castle | 2:24

A&W | 3:04

McDonald’s | 3:53

Rally’s/Checkers | 4:54

Johnny Rockets | 5:38

Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s | 6:33

Jack in the Box | 7:10

Red Robin | 7:59

Burger King | 8:58

Fatburger | 9:43

Steak ‘n Shake | 10:30

BurgerFi | 11:20

Smashburger | 12:07

Wendy’s | 12:50

Shake Shack | 13:33

Whataburger | 14:27

Five Guys | 15:13

In-N-Out Burger | 16:01

Culver’s | 16:45

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