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Nonnie, the 107-Year-Old Viral-Star Grandma, Has Some Advice for You

Nonnie the 107-Year-Old Viral-Star Grandma. You may know Louise “Nonnie” Bonito as the grandma from a 2015 viral video, where she rockets her dentures out of her mouth while blowing out the candles on her 102nd birthday cake.

Now 107 years old, Nonnie is living through her second pandemic, during which her large weekly family gatherings have slowed into a trickle of socially-distant visitors.

But Nonnie refuses to dwell on the negative. “Through all her ups and downs — and there were a lot of downs, raising five children on her own — she kept a very positive and very forgiving attitude,” her daughter Camille explains. Glean more life lessons in this short documentary by Lisa Addario, above.

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