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The Science of Getting Rich By Wallace Wattles Unabridged with Commentary
Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles
Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles Unabridged with Commentary
Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. The Science of Getting Rich is an all-time classic, written in 1910 this will transform the way you look at getting rich. I have recommended this to so many people lately I decided why not narrate it with some killer music in the background. I try to listen to or read this once a year. It may seem simple but rereading it I always find deeper levels. The most important lesson that this book will teach you is that it is your spiritual duty to get reach it is a necessity. Wallace Delois Wattles (/ˈwɑːtəlz/; 1860–1911) was an American New Thought writer. He remains personally somewhat obscure,[1] but his writing has been widely quoted and remains in print in the New Thought and self-help movements. More importantly, his message about moving towards creative thought and away from the competitive mindset is powerful. His message is profound and millions have resonated with the teachings of this book. Most recently I read Jen Sincero the popular self-help author of You Are A Badass at Making Money and she swears by the teachings in this book. For me, this book transformed the way I think about money and it helped me to unlearn much of what I was taught about money growing up.

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