Science Of The Soul - Full Documentary
Science Of The Soul - Full Documentary

Science Of The Soul – Full Documentary

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Can We Scientifically Measure The Soul? - Science Of The Soul  - Full Documentary

Science Of The Soul – Full Documentary. Do human beings have souls? From the beginning of human awareness – no matter the context and no matter the age – the answer was always “yes”. All cultures have universally argued that human beings are “ensouled”. About a hundred years ago, however, scientists decided that the “soul” is not a proper subject of scientific investigation – consciousness replaced the soul. Then, the brain replaced consciousness. Lately, this perspective has led some scientists to argue that within 20-30 years AI, robotics, and biological brains will converge to create a cyborg/Matrix-like reality where there is, essentially, no difference between humans and machines. Science of the Soul is a feature-length documentary investigation into these life and death issues. From robotics to near-death experiences, from attempts to achieve altered states of consciousness in the jungles of Peru to an exploration of infant state of mind, Science of the Soul explores the cutting-edge of consciousness related science to determine whether we are about to experience a new step in human evolution or the death of the human soul.

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