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What Happens When You Bury Kitchen Scraps in the Garden?

What Happens When You Bury Kitchen Scraps in the Garden?

This video shows what happens when you bury kitchen scraps or waste like bones and meat such as fish in the vegetable garden.

Bury your kitchen scraps within the garden with the use of trench composting to enrich your lawn soil.

Trench Composting
Composting may be an assignment when you don’t have an extra area, but it is nevertheless possible to enhance your soil organically.

I start my arrangements as soon because the final of my greens is harvested. I dig a trench about a spade deep and fill it with chopped fruit and vegetable scraps and skins as I collect them. Almost the entirety that commonly might become inside the trash throughout food coaching may be used. I even chop up citrus skins and banana peels. As quickly as one trench is filled, I cover it with soil and dig another one in the front of it. This maintains right through iciness or until the entire future vegetable patch is done.

By May, the floor is prepared to be tilled, and I’m continually amazed by the abundance of earthworms who so ably assisted with the breakdown of my compost, while I changed into hiding indoors from the cold.

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