Beloved Restaurant Chains We Might Sadly Lose In 2021

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Beloved Restaurant Chains We Might Sadly Lose In 2021

Few industries have been hit harder by the coronavirus pandemic than the restaurant business, with casual dining chains especially feeling the pain. Simply put, restaurants with limited capacity and no delivery options have been left scrambling. Here are the ones that may close in the near future. Like nearly every other restaurant chain in the United States, Ruby Tuesday has been hurting during the pandemic. But it can’t point to the incredibly unusual circumstances of 2020 as the only cause of its demise. The truth is, its fortunes have been trending downward for a while now. Ten years ago, Ruby Tuesday had nearly 850 locations. But when it was purchased by NRD Capital in 2017, it had roughly half that. And they’ve still been closing restaurants ever since. As of 2020, their current total sits between 270 and 300. If anything, the pandemic has only sped up Ruby Tuesday’s decline. About 150 locations have closed at least temporarily, and the final number of permanent closures is still to be determined. This all led to the company filing for bankruptcy in October. Although it will still be in operation during this time, Ruby Tuesday likely will not fully bounce back. Keep watching to see Beloved Restaurant Chains We Might Sadly Lose In 2021.

Ruby Tuesday | 0:00

IHOP | 1:29

Applebee’s | 2:31

Denny’s | 3:43

Chuck E. Cheese | 5:00

Golden Corral | 6:24

Dave & Buster’s | 7:30

Subway | 8:37

Red Lobster | 9:41

TGI Fridays | 11:03

P.F. Chang’s | 12:17


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